xvape FOG review

The Xvape FOG is marketed as a 100% fully convection portable vaporizer. It has a removable 18650 battery and 5 preset temperature settings. It is around the same size as the Davinci IQ. The body is made out of metal, and the mouthpiece jewlery grade ceramic, making it a durable portable. You can purchase it from Puffitup.com for $159.

Ease of Use: 9/10

Here’s a quick start guide/tutorial to using your xvape/xmax FOG:

  • Pack 0.05-0.25g in the chamber
  • Lightly tamp it down
  • Click the on button 3 times to turn it on (note the battery life indicator in the USB, green = full | blue = medium | red = needs charging)
  • Hold the on button for 5 seconds, you should see it start cycling through temps.
  • Release the button on the temp you want to use (I recommend 1, 3, and 5!)
  • Wait 30-40 seconds for the lights to stop blinking
  • Rip it! I’d recommend slowly pulling and then after 5 seconds start to pull harder and harder.

Xvape FOG preset temperatures

# of lights on Temperature C Temperature F
1 180 356
2 190 374
3 200 392
4 210 410
5 220 428

Efficiency: 8/10

The xvape/xmax FOG can use as little as 0.05g effectively in this unit and as much as 0.25g. Even 0.05g results in a pleasant high, and it seems more efficient than other hybrid vaporizers I have tried. At max temp it will take ~2 sessions to fully extract the material, which is a little annoying if you are using it for medical reasons.

Taste: 7-8/10

At the lowest temps (1 and 2) it tastes very good. Very similar to a convection unit, not quite as good as some butane vaporizers like the stickybrick. At higher temps the taste starts to taper off, but you never really get that full conduction popcorn taste you would get with the pax or davinci vaporizers. I wish it had one lower temp around 150-160*C so I could really get a low temp hit in order to judge taste.

Stealth Factor: 9/10

It’s quite stealthy. It is quick to load, even while on the go, and fits in the palm of my hand. I can easily conceal it as I take a hit, and put it in my pocket as soon as I am done. You can fit it into the smallest pelican case, the micro 1100. You won’t fit much else in with it, but it will definitely help contain the small amount of smell while the unit is off.

Looks – 9/10

It’s super sleek. No annoying or ugly logos on it, they are engraved and barely visible. On top of that, there is a nice engraving on the back side that reminds me of a topographical map of a mountain. Super cool, looks fantastic and most people wouldn’t even notice it.

Function – 8/10 

Super simple to use, easy to remove the battery (much better than the davinci IQ), small, portable, tough, and it doesn’t get too hot. It definitely gets warm to the touch, and I find that the mouthpiece can get super warm if you rip it. In 15 mins I am able to get the mouthpiece too hot to touch, a little annoying. I usually just hold it in my fingers and the temp is reduced dramatically.

The only issue I have had with this vaporizer is the silicone insert above the oven falling out of the lid. It gets stuck in the oven from time to time, which is annoying. This stopped when I put some beeswax around the rim of it, as well as once I used the unit a couple dozen times. Now, the oil residue that built up keeps it stuck to the lid.

Battery life is pretty good, I’d say 30-45 mins depending on which battery you choose to use. 2500MAH batteries tend to die faster than 3000MAH for example.

Vapor Quality – 7/10

The vapor is surprisingly great for such a small unit. Definitely makes me cough on temp 5, but it is still smooth. The xvape FOG can chuck clouds on temp 5. With a .2g pack you should get 5-6 really nice rips and then a couple less dense clouds. I personally would stir the oven once the vapor isn’t as thick, as you’ll get 2-3 more nice rips from it.

Cost – 10/10

I think it is in the perfect price range for a hybrid unit. The portability, replaceable battery, usb charging, stealth factor, and preset temps are pretty fantastic.

Final thoughts:

If you’re in the market for your first vaporizer, the FOG would be a great choice. It is also perfect for anyone that is constantly out and about, or if you have a bunch of spare 18650 batteries lying around from ecigs.

Please note that all of my reviews are done with the cost in mind.

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