Vapman Classic

The vapman is a portable butane vape that is very good at microdosing. It is handmade in Switzerland, and can feature a mica shield or just a wooden vape. You can purchase it here or on their website here! It is a very small device, easily fitting in the palm of your hand or a pocket. The little plastic egg is a nice touch, and keeps it inconspicuous.

Ease of Use: 6/10
It has a middle of the road learning curve. I figured out that using my sense of smell helped a good amount. Due to it being a conduction vape, it was really easy to smell when I combusted. I combusted a single time with the device, and immediately emptied the device out and changed material. Luckily, it didn’t affect the taste at all!!
  • Open vapman
  • Load chamber with .05g
  • Slow burst with torch, medium flame
  • repeat 6 seconds 3 times resting 4-6 seconds in between
  • Take your first hit
  • Adjust your next heating technique for the next cycle
  • Use your nose to smell when you want to take the next hit
It took me about 2.5 bowls to figure out how to use it… once I did though I was stunned. Floored actually, pretty sure I took a nap right away. Definitely use your nose to tell when it seems ready to vape, and don’t be afraid to take small puffs to test if it combusted.

Efficiency: 10/10
This device uses an extremely small amount and vaporizers the herb extremely well. You can see the AVB here{includes toothpick mod reference for later} and that’s not even the end of my session. You can definitely fully extract every cannabanoid and enjoy the effects. I usually choose to do a single light temp hit to taste my herb, and then I try and come close to clearing the plate on the next hit. I’ve done a couple 2 hitters, but my lungs usually can’t handle it.
I’ve gotten AVB as dark as the AVB from my grasshopper, stickybricks, and odin/cfx. It crumbles just as easily. Smells a decent amount, and definitely doesn’t taste all too great. But that’s extraction, and the vapman can do that over & over. Plate after plate.

Taste: 7/10
The initial taste is pretty good, but I find that it decreases in flavor quickly. That’s one reason I tend to only do 1 low temp cycle, and then move on to the higher temp ones. That may be due to the use of conduction, it may be due to the amount of material present (a very minute amount). I would place the initial taste at around 8.5/10 and the vapor being extremely extremely smooth. After that, the taste is around 6/10 or 5/10 before you go for full extraction.

Stealth Factor: 6/10
Heating a device us with a butane torch, even a small one, isn’t very stealthy. It does fit very well in your hand though. Almost perfectly in my opinion. If someone walks by when you’re using it you can easily hide it in your hand, just be careful not to burn yourself!!
It is easily stashable, and is made of wood. It won’t break if you throw it around, so if you need to ditch it real quick you can. Just don’t put it in a bag or something that can melt due to residual heat.

Looks – 9/10
I think it looks fantastic. The craftsmanship is perfect, and the color I received is great. I love the pastel egg it comes in, I have blue, and it is super convenient to carry the vapman in it. The mica not only acts as shielding, but also adds a nice touch of color to the top when light hits it. All of the parts fit perfectly on the device, and come together well. The coloring is extremely consistent, and the brand imprinting was done very well. I don’t like the plastic mouthpiece, would have preferred wood (you canpurchase some I don’t own one though), but it functions well and is smooth and doesn’t heat up.
If you prefer a sleek looking device, I would not do the toothpick mod.

Function – 9/10
The only negative I can find here is the heat retained on the device. I find myself doing a single bowl, and then letting the unit cool down. It gets a little warm for my comfort, even around the wood, and I’m afraid I’ll burn myself reloading it. Actually, I’m pretty damn sure I’d burn myself. I’m slightly clumsy like that, especially after a bowl from the vapman.
It fits really nicely in your hand, is easy to mod with the toothpick mod, has good vapor, hits hard, and is robust. I’ve dropped it without any ill effects to the device. The storage unit works well, and makes it easily pocketable.
On top of all of this, it naturally fits in a 14mm female device. It can get stuck if you use it too much, or push it in too hard… and then let it cool, but it works. Rene recently just released a 14mm WPA for a better fit, and I have one on the way. It was delievered prior to putting the final touches on my first draft of the review!! Haven’t used it yet though😦 Extremely excited.

Vapor Quality – 7/10
It’s pretty dense, and natively I have to use it without the toothpick mod otherwise I feel like it’s a little too dry. Add a bubbler though… and this thing really shines. I use my little piece from /u/mr_lemonpie [+8] and it works amazingly. The water seems to make it the perfect level of smoothness and coolness. It really shines with the toothpick mod, and I use 2 holes filled and leave one for me to feather with my finger if needed (rarely do that though!)

Cost – 9/10
Coming in at $120 shipped (try using their normal coupon codes and see if it works) it is not an expensive device. Definitely a great introduction to butane vapes, and will likely function for years if you properly care for it. I brush mine out each session, and it looks as good as new. Don’t let AVB sit in the oven too long after your session, and I’m sure yours would as well!
You will need to purchase a torch as well as some butane. I recommend a ZICO torch and some 5x filtered butane of your own choice.

Final thoughts:
Where most low cost devices seem to shine is ease of use, making them good units for someone starting to vaporize their herb. Sometimes this means performance will be lackluster and they’ll go back to smoking. This little vape focuses on efficiency and delivery. It would make a great vape for someone looking for high temp effects and microdosing capabilities.