Here’s my 2 pups! Minidog on the left, underdog on the right! These are a type of log vaporizer, others include the Enano, vapor bomb, heat island, and homegrown logs. I’ll be using a vapor bomb later this week, and should be able to give a full review in 2 weeks with a side by side of the UD.

Ease of Use: 9/10

Tips to get baked:

  • Turn on underdog for 20 minutes
  • Put a pinch of herb in stem of choice
  • Put stem in waterpiece
  • Put underdog on top
  • Inhale
  • Take underdog off and set in a safe space
  • Exhale

GONG vs NONG vs Stainless steel direct draw:

GONG is the most flavorful, you need the oring mod pre installed if you get an air core.

NONG is the easiest so use, and my favorite to use, for microdosing.

The stainless stem is convenient, but that vapor can hit you really hard and tickle your throat pretty well.

If the 20 minute heat up is a little too much for you, look into getting the minidog, I’ve used mine after 5 minutes of heat up and it hits like a champ. Absolutely love that device as well. The catch is you shouldn’t leave it on for more than an hour at a time, I’ve seen normal underdogs be left on 24/7 though.

Efficiency: 10/10

This is the most efficient vape I’ve used so far. I can use as little as .01g in the NONG adapter and clear it in a single hit, and get extremely lifted off that small amount. If I put that into a conduction vape, it would be a joke to try and hit it.

Taste: 9/10

I think the stickybrick and ff2 taste better. It’s very close, especially with the GONGs. This might be due to me clearing the vape everytime I use it, only packing some very small snappers. I’m sure if I used a power limiter and went for taste instead of clouds, I could have some very tasty vapor!

Stealth Factor: 5/10

There isn’t really a stealthy way to hit this vape in public. In your room late at night sure, but if someone walked in while you were using it it would be very obvious and very hard to hide. Smell wise it is pretty minimal if you are clearing every bowl you pack. That’s pretty easy to do, and my favorite way to use the device. The stealth factor really doesn’t bother me, I knew it was a desktop vape that would be hard to hide I was using it. I would recommend the aromatherapy dish if you are going to leave yours on 24/7, it would smell great and give an excuse to have it on your desk or night stand.

Looks – 10/10

It’s a work of art, was turned perfectly and finished extremely well. You can tell this was handcrafted and everything about it screams quality.

Function – 9/10

I don’t know how well the air core would handle being dropped. The wood definitely would survive with few dents, but I’m afraid that the metal core would bend out of place or snap off inside. Just make sure where you are using it is clear enough that you won’t trip over the cord and you should be fine! Maintenance of the device is stupidly easy. Brush out the stems, brush out the core, use iso to clean the stems as necessary. I haven’t needed to do that yet, or felt the need to, but maybe you will be more of a power user than myself.

Vapor Quality – 9.5/10

Very nice. Especially for the cost. It’s both extremely potent vapor, paired with cool vapor if you use a quality water piece. It is the perfect microdosing tool. Better than my grasshopper, ff2, stickybrick etc. I absolutely love using it, and if I had gotten a log vape to start I probably would have never purchased another vape in my life.

Cost – 10/10

The cost on the birthday vapes is ridiculously low. Especially since you get to choose 4 stems. I’d recommend getting 1 GONG and 1 NONG, and then fitting the rest to your own preferences. The GONG is great for tasty pulls and the NONG is perfect for microdosing. Like I said, if I started with this device it would have been my last.

Final thoughts:

Underdog customer service has been amazing. I emailed them the day I ordered and asked if they had any minidogs left in stock. They said yes, and I said perfect! I’ll take one. They threw it in my order and put it in the same box as a birthday gift to me. Crazy. I emailed them a couple days later looking for a portable way to use the UD and they directed me to a particular DC power adaptter and some 18650 batteries to run it.