Topbond Torch


The Topbond Torch is a small conduction vaporizer. It is made of anodized aluminum, peek, and a ceramic oven. It houses an 18500 non-removable battery, and heats up to max temp in around one minute. You can purchase it’s larger brother the Odin from puffitup, but they do not sell the torch. Currently, the torch is available from vaposhop or you can purchase the rebranded Atmos Pillar.

Ease of Use: 9/10

Steps to get baked:

  • Grind herb
  • Fill herb in the oven
  • Gently tamp the herb
  • Turn it on with 3 clicks
  • Hold the button to change temps
  • Enjoy!

I found that the easiest way to load the oven is by using the glass mouthpiece. You can pull the glass out and use it as a loading tool.

Efficiency: 7/10

If you aren’t ripping it, the torch is still cookin’ it. This means that if you forget to draw from it, you are going to waste some of your herb. I tended to go through herb a little more quickly than with most devices in order to get to the same level. It does thoroughly vape your herb, and you can stir the oven for an extra high temp session. I usually did a low temp, like 175C, and then immediately would step up to the highest temp (225C). The ending AVB is usually almost black, and extremely easy to break apart.

Taste: 7/10

It is mostly conduction, maybe a little convection, and the taste is no where as good as a convection vaporizer. That being said, the little Torch has a great taste for conduction. Better than the Odin, and I attribute this to the products used. For plastic the Torch uses PEEK, which results in a lack of plastic taste. Out of the box, the Torch did not have any residual factory smell. I did a single burnoff, and then it was completely fine to use.

Stealth Factor: 8/10

Taking smell out of the equation, the Torch would be amazing for carrying around with you. It is small, light, doesn’t have a screen, the LED lights can easily be covered, and it can be used one handed. It looks similar to a large cigar at night. Being conduction it will definitely smell like your herb as you use it, including when the device is heating up. I took off a couple points due to this, though it is not nearly as smelly as a pax. It is really easy to stash away, and turning on/off the device is super quick with the 3 button press.

Looks – 9/10

I love the looks, some people may not though. The cooling fins are a nice feature and it is around the same size/shape as a flashlight. It fits extremely well in your hand, and the USB charging port is well placed. The mouthpiece is similar to the Xmax mouthpiece, and not my favorite shape. I do prefer it to the glass mouthpiece. With the WPA on the device, it looks like a futuristic stun gun.

Function – 8/10

It’s sturdy, well built, has great materials, a solid heating unit, and great battery life. The on/off function is easy with 3 clicks. Hold the button for 2 seconds to cycle temps, and it has a memory function when you wake it up from sleep mode. The temps will cycle around to temp 1 if you hold the button for 2 seconds while on temp 6. The temps in order are: 175, 185, 195, 205, 215, and 225 Celsius.

The build quality is great. I’ve drop tested it a bit and it has survived some pretty tall falls, most around 3-4 feet. The aluminum and peek body is a fantastic combo and gets the job done well. The only downside is that they retain a bit of heat, so after 3 sessions the body is pretty damn warm.

Vapor Quality – 6/10 (8/10 through water)

The vapor is quite harsh natively at high temps. At low temps you get a slight tickle in your throat, but pretty good taste. At high temps it is necessary to use a special draw method, or a water piece. This vape is currently my go to through water, as it absolutely rips. It is the device that started my Milkshot Monday posts on instagram, and I will continue to post them with this and other devices. Waterpieces cool down the vapor, allow it to stack and be more potent, and hydrate it so it isn’t nearly as dry. The shape of the device makes it seem like it was designed for a large straight tube! Put it at max temp, put on the water pipe adapter, and rip it!

Cost – 9/10

At $99 you are getting a lot of vape for your money. It pairs really nicely with glass, and is decent when used natively. I wish it had an 18650, removable would be even better, but the performance is fine without that! The Atmos rebrand is a little more expensive, and I’d do my best to order the normal one.

Final thoughts:

The WPA is a necessary part of this device. Without it, you aren’t going to see where this guy shines. Pack it tight, grab a half pack mod if you don’t want a full session, and enjoy your herb! It is great for on the go as well, easy to use and has very consistent results. At higher temps make sure you are using a cigar like method

Feel free to ask questions below, or by sending me a message on reddit or Instagram!

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