Topbond Odin


The odin vaporizer is a new chinese made vape in the sub $150 category. Currently you can get it for $105 at puffitup using the code OD. It is a session vape, and has some great features for such an affordable device. /u/mike-topbond is the topbond (odin) representative. I hear they have a couple other devices coming out in the near future. As always, the review numbers are based off of its price range, and work as a comparison for other vaporizers I have tried in its price range.

Ease of use – 9/10

  • Load the bowl with herb of choice
  • Turn it on by clicking the power button 5 times
  • set the temp by holding or clicking the +/- buttons
  • Wait for vibration, and enjoy!

Efficiency – unranked

It is a little too early to tell, I haven’t had enough chances to fully test this 😦

So far though, I have done a couple bowls myself, and one with my brother. The one with my brother lasted 2 sessions, and the couple by myself last me 2-4 sessions each.

Taste – 8/10

Slightly better than a normal conduction vaporizer, if you keep the temp under 185C You will definitely enjoy the flavor.

Stealth Factor – 8/10

It is a black unit, looks exactly like a small boxmod (ejuice vape) and fits in your hand better than any box mod I’ve used. It isn’t flashy, the vibration is relatively quiet, and the screen is dark if you are into that sort of thing.

Looks – 8/10

I like how sleek it looks, feels great in your hand as well. The fins (as I call them) on the side are a nice touch for the device. The screen moves around tiny a bit, and is too dark for my liking, which I took off marks for. I love how it doesn’t have an annoying branding on it, and hope they choose to keep it that way. Though, I do think that the power button could be replaced by their logo instead of the universal power logo without distracting from the aesthetics. The grippy outer layer is great, just remember it does allow oil to sit on it and make it look dirty. Either wash your hands before use, or get used to wiping that part down if it bothers you.

Function – 7/10

It seems durable for drops, the mouthpiece of course would shatter. The buttons are really tactile, and the speed at which you can change temps is perfect. It heats very quickly, and the vibration easily noticed if you are baked. I haven’t had an issue with the heating element needing to catch up on me ripping it, so rip rip away! The outside of the box gets a little hot once you go above 200C, but not nearly hot enough to make you drop it. Just hot enough to make your hand sweat.

Vapor Quality – 8/10

The first hit is usually a little hot, and a good amount of vapor ready to be inhaled due to it being a conduction convection mix instead of pure convection. After that, it is relatively cool and rarely makes me cough. It’s very very smooth on the most open setting, similar to hitting a box mod to be honest, and makes a similar sound if you pull hard enough.

Cost – 10/10

I haven’t tried the Boundless products, but I would say this is the best sub $110 vape I have tried so far. That includes the FM series, focus vape, and xmax v2 pro. It performs very well for an affordable vaporizer, and seems to be a great choice for a first time purchase. Hell, I prefer it to my Arizer air! The fact that they give you 2 mouthpieces is great as well, I tend to fuck those up pretty quickly.

Final thoughts:

If you are upgrading from a couple year old device, the Odin is a great item to look at. The cost is low, and its performance is good. If you are looking for an entry level vape, and have $105 to spend I would choose this over the other vapes in it’s category (low cost session portables). The battery life so far has been long enough that I don’t even mind not being able to swap the battery.