The Ubie


The Ubie is a glass vaporizer from the early 2000’s. Very simple to use, but easy to combust, very easy to hide. The image might look like I burned the herb, that’s due to the filter I used to make it more obvious as to where the glass ends, and where the screen was placed. It can be purchased from puffitup here for $12.75 with stock shipping options and the code ‘puffedup’.

Ease of Use: 4/10 (6/10)

  • Load herb
  • Put the device together
  • Use a lighter to create heat
  • inhale

One step I found that helped was adding a screen. Without the screen I found I was getting combustion, and a lot of scooby snacks. I just pushed a screen in, to stop the herb from flowing out. I think putting a second screen in and keeping the herb in between would be even better, but would make it difficult to stir. This section has a low rating due to the high amount of combustion I encountered. I refused to try it with a bic lighter though, I’d rather not risk inhaling those by products.

Efficiency: 8/10

It’s actually pretty damn efficient. A small amount goes a long way, and it had pretty good extraction. Stirring is required, and a pain in the ass if you have sticky herb, but with a loose pack and dry herb it is really easy to just shake a vape. I was using as little as .05g successfully in the Ubie. I’d recommend .1-.15 though.

Taste: 5/10

There isn’t too much taste. I don’t know if that’s due to the harshness of the hit, or if it was due to how I was heating it. I used a butane torch, with plenty of room in between the flame and ubie. I never slightly cooked the herb, it was pretty much an all or nothing affair, which leads me to believe that if I held the flame further away I would get whispy tasteful hits. I haven’t had time to try though.

Stealth Factor: 3/10

This looks like a repurposed crack pipe. You aren’t going to look normal in public with it. I gave it 3 stars due to portability, but you’ll need a protective doob tube/case for the ubie. It is so tiny and fragile, I’m afraid of dropping it.

Looks – 3/10

Like I said. Looks like a crack pipe.

Function – 7/10

Relatively easy to use, easy to maintain, cheap, and efficient. Not a bad introduction for butane vapes, but would leave me wishing I had a more tasty alternative if it was my only vape. Makes a solid backup for those that mainly use electric/battery powered vaporizers though!

Vapor Quality – 6/10

It’s rough. It is really dense really hot vapor. If I could figure out a useful way to

Cost – 9/10

At ~$10 I don’t think you can go wrong by trying it out. Even if it only remains as a backup, or breaks fairly quickly. Fun little device to show your friends.

Final thoughts:

It’s a $10 vape. I didn’t have high expectations. The vape has been around since early 2000 (I believe) and it looks like the OG site hasn’t been updated since then either. I was surprised that it actually worked to be honest. My friends hate using it, and we leave it as a gag for people to hit the first time we smoke with them. Then we break out the high end equipment 😉