Stickybricklabs JR


Stickybrick Junior is by /u/stickybricklabs . I had the awesome chance to beta test the unit. You can sign up to be notified when the initial production version is available on their website. I’m sure /u/puffitup [+1] will be carrying it on their website as well. It is a portable butane vaporizer, and the little brother of the original stickybrick. You can see my review of that device here

Ease of use – 9/10

Steps to a proper session: slightly different than how I use the brick

  • Grind herb finely (I use the mflb finishing grinder)
  • Put the vape together, and pack the bowl
  • Make sure your butane lighter is ready to go
  • Go outside, find a comfy seat and a nice book
  • Adjust the flame to your liking, I use just under 3/4 of the adjustment on the Eagle lighter
  • Inhale slowly covering the bottom carb, I keep the lighter about 3mm away from the top of the end you heat with the lighter, and then pulse the lighter back and forth towards and away from the intake. Do this for 15 seconds and you will get one hell of a hit.
  • Exhale slowly and enjoy the ride!

I took off one mark due to how easy it is to combust if you’re as stupid as I am and don’t pay attention for a couple seconds. Fuck combustion.

Efficiency – 9/10

It is extremely efficient. The Underdog definitely has an edge on it, but you can use any amount of herb with good results from the JR. Extremely happy with this.

Taste – 10/10

I’ve noticed the same effect of going through wood as I did with the brick. It’s amazing. You get a slight flavor difference for your herb, and the spalted maple has a slightly different taste than the cherry wood. Awesome.

Stealth Factor – 8/10

It is slightly more stealthy than the original brick, due to the size. You are still using butane, which I find to be less stealthy and definitely pretty loud. However, the cap is an interesting addition to the vape as it just looks like a beautiful paperweight when the cap is on. That improves on the stealth factor, as it isn’t just the use of the vape that matters.

Looks – 9/10

With the current logo, I had to take off a mark. I was told by /u/stickybricklabs that they will be using a different logo for the junior, which I am excited to see. If it looks really well placed, then my critique doesn’t matter.

Function – 10/10

I’ve dropped Junior a couple times since I’ve had him. Both with and without the cap on. The glass and wood both look fine, no marks left on them. The cap saved the glass from a 5+ foot drop off my porch onto slate. I’m a clumsy person when stoned, so thank god for the cap.

I’ve been using the tweezers that came with the Brick, and they work perfectly.

Vapor Quality – 8/10

It is slightly hotter and more dry than the Brick. I notice it leaves a great throat hit for those that need that. If you want to avoid the throat hit, use less flame and take more hits throughout your session.

Cost – 8/10

With the recent sales, the JR has been extremely well priced. I’m hoping that they continue to offer sales throughout the next year, maybe offering specific accessories or a special run of devices instead of an actual sale!

Final thoughts:

This device bumped the vapcap out of my top 3 rotation, and actually knocked the original brick down to 3rd. Now it goes grasshopper TI, Jr, Brick.