Stickybricklabs Hydrobrick


The Hydrobrick is a desktop butane vape that was born to be used with a water piece. It is your choice as to how you will use it with a water piece. In my opinion, a Hydratube attachment is the best way to enjoy the hydropbrick. It allows you to be in line with the vapor path, making it much easier to tell how hot the vapor is. The other option is to use the included whip function. You can purchase the Hydrobrick in many different woods on the SBL site linked above, or from Puffitup I own a walnut Hydrobrick, but cherry is definitely my favorite wood. I find it adds a perfect amount of flavor.

Ease of Use: 7/10

There are two things you need to figure out before you use the Hydrobrick. Proper inhalation, and flame size. I prefer a ¾ inch to full inch flame. If you use a smaller one, you will get lighter hits. The larger the flame, the easier it is to combust though. The best inhalation technique I have used is a mouth inhale to fill the hydro tube, and then pulling hard towards the end of the draw and after you stop using the torch.

Steps to for an even baking:

  • Grind your herb coarsely, it makes it less likely to get hot spots
  • Take the wooden piece attached to the flame intake off
  • Fill the oven
  • Put the wooden piece back on
  • Adjust flame height
  • Attach the water piece using the included whip connector, or by using a hydratube
  • Start the flame from your included torch
  • Move the flame towards the intake while doing though mouth inhale technique
  • Move the flame into the intake until you see visible vapor, then start ripping
  • Shut off flame and continue inhaling
  • Exhale

As you can see, I don’t use the carb hole. I just plug it with the included cork. Make sure you don’t block the other hole near the top of the device. You will extremely easilyif you do.

Efficiency: 9/10

Sometimes I have trouble getting the herb to the color I usually consider done, so I’ll
throw it into a conduction vape and get 1-2 light hits off of it. Not bad at all. It can use as little as .1g effectively, and I have used as little as .05g in it in the past. I wouldn’t recommend this though, too easy to combust. I did find that replacing the stock screen with a molded arizer EQ screen was a great addition to the device, as it would limit the amount of hot spots and prevented the herb from sitting over the wooden shelf in the bowl.

Taste: 8/10

The water piece tends to take out some of the flavor, which is a little disappointing. I love the flavor from the SBL series of vaporizers, cherry wood ones in particular, and would love to have that full effect through the Hydrobrick. I did use the the brick through the hydratube I have without water, and the flavor was still phenomenal. The water definitely adds some smoothness to the vapor, and improves vapor quality immensely. Plus, it’s awesome to watch the hit build up within the hydratube.

Stealth Factor: 6/10

I don’t think the complete device is very stealthy. Though, if you need it to be stealthy, you can take off the glass parts and hide it in plain sight. You can do this by leaving it on your desk, and saying it is a paperweight. That being said, it is a desktop vaporizer and isn’t exactly small when completely set up. Without a hydratube, it is a tiny object though.

Looks – 9/10

It looks phenomenal. The woodworking is perfect, the brand is placed in a great spot (though it would be more stealthy if it was on the base of the unit), and the glass pieces fit well. Not much else to say, it’s a functional piece of art.

Function – 9/10

The wood is strong, doesn’t have any issues, and will stand up to years of abuse. I’ve given my 2 glass parts a couple 3 to 5 foot drops without any issue. I wouldn’t recommend doing this of course though! The device doesn’t let in too much air, has little draw resistance, and is extremely reliable. It always has the same results with the brick series, lots of vapor and great potency.

The high is a little different with the Hydrobrick. It is the closest high I have had to a bong rip. It tends to be very sedative and there are times where I overdo it and just sit there not wanting to move for a half hour or so. Very heavy high, and I enjoy it a lot. It helps keep me from resorting to combustion when I’m looking for a high like that.

Make sure you have a quality torch I use this one, some quality butane like Colibri and a well ventilated area. That will result in butane combustion to form CO2 and H2O. This is a necessary step to make sure you aren’t inhaling anything that will affect your health. When you purchase a new lighter, I would suggest purging it, and refilling with quality 5x filtered butane. There are some great tutorials out there, and most lighters will come with instructions of how to properly do this.

If your lighter is sputtering, do not use it. Do a purge of the device and then refill it with proper butane.

Vapor Quality – 9.5/10

It is extremely smooth, not dry at all, and is almost cooling in your throat compared to most vapes I’ve used. It is extremely potent. It tastes great, and allows you to take huge rips without worrying about hurting your lungs or throat.

Cost – 9/10

I think it is priced well for the amount of work put into creating the device, and the customer service you get through Stickybricklabs or Puffitup. The device is well built, doesn’t have any blemishes, and functions well.

Final thoughts:

The brick is for someone looking to get a high similar to smoking. It hits hard, is super efficient, and can be done on demand allowing you to customize how much you consume throughout a session. It has a little learning curve, but can be mastered fairly quickly.

Feel free to ask questions below, or by sending me a message on reddit or Instagram!

If you prefer not to use affiliate links you can go to puffitup here as well as amazon