Stickybricklabs Brick


The Stickybrick is a remake of the old daisy from triihouse. It is an improved design, and has a great warranty and phenominal customer service. It uses butane to create heat, and then you pull the heat through your herb. This results in convection vaporization leading to an amazing taste and efficiency. The type of wood matters a lot, as you will get hints of flavor from each type of wood. I would compare it to how wine stored in different barrels results in a slightly different taste. It is available from puffitup and they ship super quick, and very discreetly.

Ease of use – 8/10

It took me 2 bowls to figure out my preferred method. That’s not bad. It took even less time to perfect it, and within 3 days I was blowing clouds and enjoying my new vaporizer.

Steps to a proper session:

  • Grind herb finely (I use the mflb finishing grinder)
  • Put the vape together, and pack the bowl
  • Make sure your butane lighter is ready to go
  • Go outside, find a comfy seat and a nice book
  • Adjust the flame to your liking, I do full force with the included lighter
  • Inhale slowly covering the bottom carb, I keep the lighter about 3mm away from the top of the end you heat with the lighter.
  • Exhale slowly and enjoy the ride!

Efficiency – 9/10

I put the AVB into my grasshopper, and rarely even get a single hit on setting 5. As long as you pay attention to what you are doing, you won’t combust and it’s extremely good at extraction.

I took off one mark because you can combust. The only time it has happened was when my buddy tried a 3 flame butane lighter.

Taste – 11/10

I know that you shouldn’t be able to go over 10… but hoe. lee. fuck. It tastes amazing. I have the cherry version, and you can definitely tell that you aren’t just tasting the herb. You get such a subtle taste of cherry wood, and its amazing. I would compare it to a taste from a nice red wine, where you can tell what wood the barrel was made of. I haven’t had a tastier experience, and would like to thank /u/stickybricklabs for creating a re release of the Daisy, with some changes that makes it its own!

Stealth Factor – 6/10

Butane isn’t very stealthy, and neither is using the vape in general. Storage how ever, it excels at. If you take out the glass, and store them in a separate area (I use a hemp bag by ‘dime bags’) no one will know what the brick itself is. I just keep it on my desk, and it looks like a puzzle/paperweight. Love it.

Looks – 10/10

It’s drop dead gorgeous. There isn’t any other way to describe it.

Function – 10/10

Its a perfect butane desktop vaporizer. It fits nicely in the hand, the included tweezers are perfect for stirring and placing the herb in. I love the light, it makes it very easy to use while it is dark out. The magnets are extremely strong, and the seals are excellent. I have dropped the glass twice, once while assembled and once while it was not. Both drops were 2-3 feet, and it survived perfectly after hitting the wooden deck.

Vapor Quality – 10/10

I love harsh vapor, but this vape gave me a whole new appreciation for cool vapor. It is silky smooth, and sometimes I take hits that are FAR too large yet I don’t die on the exhale. Throughout the session the taste is great, the vapor is smooth, and your throat will barely itch as long as you keep water next to you.

Cost – 9/10

I think that it is in a good price point, but I wish there were some accessories/parts you could buy separately to change the function of the vape. It is a mid price vape, and well worth the cost. Look at the bonus section to see why I value this vaporizer so highly!

Final thoughts:

There are 2 vapes I would replace if I lost/broke/or had them stolen. My grasshopper, and this. I can’t imagine going back to just having the grasshopper!


It’s a perfect cooling path for other vapes! I use my grasshopper with the silicon condom, and it RIPS through the brick. Put it where you would usually place the lighter, cover the carb, and get launched into outer space!