Stickybrick Flip Brick

The Flipbrick is a butane vape that was born to be used with a water piece. It essentially acts as a removable bowl piece, and can be used with any 18mm or 14mm female glass piece (including large straight tubes and small dab rigs). You can purchase the Flipbrick in many different woods on the SBL site linked above, or from Puffitup. I own a walnut Flipbrick, but cherry is definitely my favorite wood.

Ease of Use: 6/10

This was the hardest SBL product I’ve had the pleasure of learning how to use. It took quite a few sessions to get the flame down perfectly, and it was super easy to combust with a long flame due to the short vapor path.

Steps to for an even baking:

  • Grind your herb finely, it makes it less likely to get hot spots
  • Take the wooden piece attached to the flame intake off
  • Fill the oven
  • Put the wooden piece back on
  • Adjust flame height (I like a 1cm flame)
  • Put Flipbrick on your glass
  • Start the flame from your included torch
  • Move the flame towards the intake while doing though mouth inhale technique
  • Move the flame past the intake until you see visible vapor, then start ripping
  • Shut off flame and continue inhaling
  • Exhale

Just like a regular bowl piece, you can just lift the device off of your glass to clear it.

Efficiency: 8/10

It is not the most efficient product I have used from SBL. That would go to the Hydrobrick or Hydrobrick maxx. The Flip is still very efficient, but I have a harder time getting the higher temp vapor without combusting than I do with the Hydrobrick. This results in some of the material not being used to the fullest potential, so make sure you save it to make some AVB edibles!

Taste: 7-9/10

This really comes down to the size of the water pipe you are using, and the how much diffusion there is. If you are using a fairly small piece, with a single perc (like a banger hanger) then the taste will be extremely pleasant. If you are using a large tube that has multiple percs it might result in the taste being less noticeable. I have not had any badtasting hits through the SBL Flip Brick except for the few times I’ve combusted.

Stealth Factor: 7/10

If you’re using a bong it won’t be too stealthy as a whole. When you are traveling around it does fairly well though. It is small, can fit in a pocket or a smell proof case, is super simple to travel with, and doesn’t seem to hold residual odor as long as you properly maintain it. If you’re traveling to a friend’s house, and they own a glass piece, it is extremely portable and easy to setup once you get there.

Looks – 9/10

Honestly love the way SBL makes their vapes. The wooden aspect is stunning, and the burned in logo looks fantastic. The placement of the logo is phenomenal on this one and doesn’t take away from the device itself at all. They placed it on the inside edge of the device on the intake part of the wood. It is centered, and doesn’t look too shabby!

Function – 9/10

The wood is durable, the magnets hold well, and it each piece slides smoothly across the other piece’s surface allowing you to easily flip the brick into position. It works just like a bowl piece, and the ground glass adapter makes it feel/sound just like one too.

Make sure you have a quality torch I use this one, some quality butane like Colibri and a well ventilated area. That will result in butane combustion to form CO2 and H2O. This is a necessary step to make sure you aren’t inhaling anything that will affect your health. When you purchase a new lighter, I would suggest purging it, and refilling with quality 5x filtered butane. There are some great tutorials out there, and most lighters will come with instructions of how to properly do this.

If your lighter is sputtering, do not use it. Do a purge of the device and then refill it with proper butane.

Vapor Quality – 9.5/10

Extremely smooth, very similar to the hydrobrick as far as I’m concerned. This is most likely due to the fact that it uses water just like the hydrobrick. You can milk up a bong in a couple of seconds, and be pretty damn stoned fairly soon after you use it. The vapor will be smooth, cool, and tasty!

Cost – 9/10

The cost is minimal, especially with the sales that both SBL and PIU do. You are paying for a handcrafted device from America. It feels great in the hand, and fits perfectly in every 14mm and 18mm piece I’ve tried so far.

Final thoughts:

If you already own a SBL product, this is a fantastic addition. You will perfect the technique fairly quickly, and you will really enjoy it. If you are looking for a portable stickybrick, I’d personally go with the SBL jr instead. I personally would not purchase this as a first butane vape. If you do, be prepared to get a little flustered. It might take you a couple days to really learn it.

My favorite glass pieces to use are large straight tubes, they milk up so nicely and you can see if you combust (you will see the herb cherry)

Lighters I use: Zico mt20 and Zico t38

If you prefer not to use affiliate links you can go to puffitup here as well as amazon