RBT Milaana


The Milaana is a battery powered on demand portable by Rastabuddhatao. It is an unregulated device, meaning you can keep the heater running until it ruins the battery, and you have to be careful about not leaving the battery in it while not in use. It is a somewhat controversial vape due to how RBT has been known to treat his customers in the past. Currently they are working on releasing a new website, and are working on developing the Zion Vaporizer. You can purchase one from /u/420edc [+1] @ www.420edc.com

Ease of Use: 7/10

I was surprised to find I had no trouble with a learning curve for this device. It was pretty simple to use, with only 1 button to operate. It took me 1 bowl to figure out the small learning curve, and was enjoyable throughout that.

Steps for use:

  • Insert battery
  • Twist on the copper plate
  • Load stem with herb
  • Put stem in the device
  • Prime device for 4-8 seconds (depends on how full the battery is)
  • Slowly inhale using your mouth to gauge heat
  • Release and press the firing button in order to maintain the heat
  • Release button, continue drawing for 2 seconds
  • Exhale and sit back
  • Finish session and remove the battery

Efficiency: 8/10

I find the vapor gets too hot if I try to vape the bud to the dark brown color I am for. Due to that, I knocked off a couple points. This could be fixed with longer stems, or a WPA and using a water piece. I hear it is very good at that. I haven’t tried it yet though. Other than that, this vape is extremely good at using material, and doesn’t seem to retain heat in the stem. That allows it to be truly on demand, and you use the material when you want to.

Taste: 9/10

Or, it was a 9/10 before I fucked up the device. Now, it has a very fireplace taste to it. I would compare it to the Sam Adams Bonfire Blonde beer. A very smoky smell and taste. I don’t dislike it, but I would have preferred to keep the original taste. That was my mistake though!

Stealth Factor: 7/10

You can easily hold it in your hand, and with a short stem it looks like a box mod. It acts like an unregulated box mod as well, just don’t expect people to not notice the smell. All vapes smell, and this one is no exception. That being said, I didn’t notice a large amount of residual smell when the stem was removed. If I cleaned the stem often, I don’t believe there would be much residual smell at all.

Looks – 9/10

It looks fantastic, minus the small issues I cover under the ‘cost’ section. I love the look and taste of wooden vapes, and this one is no exception. I believe RBT even revealed some non maple Milaanas. The only piece I added for some extra beauty was Alan’s mouthpiece. You can find him on FC or contact his email (alan@toasty-top.com).

Function – 3/10

This is the part of the device I’m not too fond of. I don’t like that there isn’t a ‘killswitch’ per-se. I do know that RBT is shipping the new Milaanas with instructions to remove the battery in between uses, but it’s extremely annoying to have to do that. I managed to burn the loaner in 40 seconds on the walk inside and up a flight of stairs. The guitar pick mod allows you to implement a ‘killswitch’ but there should be something standard that is included with the vape, or a built in feature that would allow the end user to shut it off and not allow the firing button to complete the circuit.

Other than that, the device would ruin the mouthpiece if it were dropped, and I’d be afraid the glue on the bottom would give and break apart. The button seems like it would be better to be recessed, resulting in it being less likely to fire when not in use. It would be easier to pull out of your pocket as well.

The wood seems to be robust, which I expected. Even with the incident, it still functions as it should, and the wood doesn’t seem to be degraded or easily broken. Holding it in my hand, it seems the heater was leaning to one side, or focused it’s heat to that side.

Bottom line, it functions extremely well at getting you stoned. Quickly. You have to be careful with it, and make sure you remove the battery every single time.

Vapor Quality – 8.5/10

The device is slightly harsh if you really rip it. Other than that, it is usually really smooth and potent. The device gets me ripped off a small amount of material. If you are cloud chasing, I’d recommend packing .2-.25g in the stem, though you probably won’t be using it all.

Cost – 7/10

If greater care was taken on the unit during construction, I would say it would be more worth the cost. Both the loaner unit as well as the unit my friend from out of state own have gaps, small burn marks, and uneven sanding. It’s worth noting that the vape I have right now is a pre production model, though my friend’s is not. My friend’s is not the newest model either, and those issues may be fixed in the 3 year warranty models. I don’t know.

Recently the ‘exotic’ Mis have shown up on RBT’s site. The supposed cost is monstrous compared to the cost of a Maple piece.

Final thoughts:

If you purchase this device, the first thing you should do is the guitar pick mod. It could save your device, and is a small fail safe for the device. Basically, the guitar pick stops the circuit from completing when not in use. After you spin the guitar pick out of the way, it is instantly available to use. I would recommend removing the battery whenever you put the device away / aren’t using it though.

I would also grab some long stems from someone, whether it be RBT, 420edc, or glass shop like mountain glass arts. Just make sure they are the correct size!! (19/22 I believe?).

With a couple tweaks, this device could be the best battery portable I’ve used to date.