Pax 2


The Pax 2 is the second iteration from the Pax family. It is a conduction vaporizer, that is easily pocket-able. It recently went through a price drop due to the Pax 3 being released. I have not had a chance to use the Pax 3 yet, but I believe I will be doing a review of it as soon as I am able to get my hands on one. The new price is much better than the old price. It is available on puffitup for under $200 with the code “puffedup”.

Ease of use – 10/10

Once you learn how to keep it clean, the vape is very easy to use. Drop some herb in the oven, tamp it, close the oven and away you go! There are different programs on the pax, you can find them with some quick google searches. One of my favorite was party mode, though this killed the battery quickly. First time vapers will find the pax easy to draw from, and will even be able to use it on their own within a session or two.

Efficiency – 7/10 (8/10 with cheap/easy mods)

This is where the stock pax falls short, unless you mod it. It was less efficient than the flowermate, and usually had to be stirred in between bowls. It was a slight nuisance, but with some easy/cheap mods the pax can become more efficient. My favorite mod is the pax 2 screen trick. You take a screen, place it on top of the herb (the original screen is under the herb) and then fold a screen into a v. Place this screen on top of the top screen (screenception!) and put the lid on. This will make the oven around .15g and vape the herb extremely evenly. I preferred to always leave a top screen on, even with a full pack. I found I didn’t have stir to finish a session and it vaped the bud more evenly.

Taste – 7/10

The first 3-4 hits at the hottest temperature are yummy. No other way to describe them. The following ones, are not yummy. They are not terrible (like combusting) but instead, they taste slightly dirt like or burnt popcorn. It isn’t the worst taste, and you get used to it fairly quickly.

Stealth Factor – without the endcaps 5/10 (with the endcaps, 9/10)

The pax 2 is extremely smelly when not clean, and when not using endcaps. It can be smelled through clothes, backpacks, and plastic bags. Don’t buy one thinking there will be no smell. The endcaps help immensely and keeping the pax clean does as well.

Looks – 10/10

It looks amazing. The finish feels so nice in the hand, the weight is perfect, and it is extremely compact.

Function – 8/10

The button on the top is prone to failure, and the oven top can fall off sometimes. The vape needs to be cleaned regularly to function correctly, which is not hard. Usually I cleaned it every 5-10 sessions and it would work perfect!

With the button, if it fails all you need to do is contact pax. They have a 10 year warranty, and their customer service is pretty good from what I hear. /r/ploompax is a great subreddit for information on this, and/u/Ojan_at_PAX seems to be very nice and helpful.

Vapor Quality – 9/10

Its harsh. I used the pax at the highest temp, never at any lower temps. I loved it. Instead of sipping on it, I would rip on it taking all of the THC and CBD deep within my lungs. It is almost as potent as my SSV, and does hit veryhard.

Cost – 6/10

You are paying for the name, warranty, and how portable it is. It is a more compact vape than most, easily concealable, but I would describe it as the ‘IPhone” of vaporizers. I think it is priced a little too high, and should be a base price of $225 with most retailers offering a $25 discount code or something similar.

Please read the introduction as the old price was $299, it now has a base price of $199.

Final thoughts: There are a few accessories I think every pax 2 owner should have.

Accessory Cost Link
Pax screens $10-15 here
Tamping tool $0-20 Use a pencap, or you can 3d print one.
Pipe Cleaners $5 here are ones I love
WPA $17 here
silicon endcaps $3 here

I fell in love with vaporizing due to this device, and it opened my eyes to the real power vaporizers have. The battery life was phenomenal and charging it was pretty easy for me.