Lil’ Noochie

This is not a finished review. If you stumbled upon this, look here again this Saturday for a completed review!!


The Lil’ Noochie is the first 3d printed vaporizer I have seen. It is 3d printed ceramic with a food safe glaze on the outside. It uses a butane lighter in a similar way to the stickybrick series. It comes in at $105 and is available on their website. I have the celadon green option!

Ease of Use: 5/10

It’s tricky. Not going to lie. The flame technique is harder than the lotus in my opinion, and the lotus was the most difficult butane vape I’ve tried before this unit. If you modify where the herb sits, it becomes easier to combust. I would suggest using the manufacturer’s supplied screens unless you get extremely good at figuring out what your needed flame length is. After you are comfortable with the device, it is pretty easy to continually get good hits from it.

Steps to get baked:

  • Grind up your herb
  • Place it in noochie
  • Put the top on
  • Set your butane torch to a small flame length
  • Hold the torch parallel to the intake opening (perpendicular to the flame intake)
  • Slowly pull, use your lungs as a way to control the heat
  • Exhale

Efficiency: 8.5/10

It is very efficient. A single bowl is good for a couple hits. It is fantastic for those who love to microdose, as you can pack a small bowl and hit it slowly throughout the day. It seems to work best with a medium sized pack (0.05-0.1g) and stirring after every hit.

Taste: 7/10

The first few hits are great. After that, you’re getting a slight scorching taste if you aren’t stirring regularly (after every hit). The taste definitely diminishes if you don’t keep it clean. If you grind a more finer grind, you will get better taste. I think this is attributed to the edges of the herb charring a bit before the rest of it when you use a coarse grind. Not completely sure though!

Stealth Factor: 6/10

It’s stealthy when it’s at home on your desk. Definitely not stealthy to bring somewhere with you. I’ve taken it fishing (let’s be real, I’ve taken ALL of my vapes fishing) and in order to travel with it I put it in a pelican case. I would recommend the 1040 or 1050. They both fit it perfectly and have room for extras.

When it’s in your house it looks like a bit of pottery you would keep in the kitchen. It’s actually a really nice feature I’m sure people are going to overlook. Remember all of grandma’s china? Well, now you can get a similar color vape and put it on the same shelves as your inherited china.

Looks: 9/10

I think it looks fantastic. The color combo, logo position, and minute features on the vape really draw me into it. Similar to my guitar, the more I like the look of a vape the more I want to use it. Every time I see the noochie I go over and grab it and take a hit. This usually leads to me putting it back in an area where I can see it easily, restarting the cycle the next time I see it.

Function: 8/10

It functions rather well. The flame sits above the intake hole, heats the air, you draw the hot air through the herb, and through convection the herb heats and vaporization occurs. It does take some time to be able to do this fairly quickly. I think it took me 3 or 4 days of using it to get it down. In comparison, the brick series was around 1 day total to really get the technique down.

It is super easy to maintain, I just use water, and there aren’t many parts that you can lose. The device is fragile, but I haven’t had an issue with it yet. I haven’t dropped anything from it yet either though.

The intake can be a little hard to get off at first. When I first got the vape, I thought it was going to break. That’s how difficult it was to take off. After about 10 uses the intake was much easier to remove. Since then, it hasn’t gotten loose and still maintains a tight seal.

I would recommend a fine (maybe medium fine) grind with this device. That’s how I’ve gotten the best results. I personally use the MFLB finishing grinder. Any grinder is good though, just flip it over while grinding your material.

The device does get a little warm. Especially around the mouthpiece. I wouldn’t recommend putting your lips too close to the mouthpiece hole, instead I try to ‘kiss’ the device. It keeps me from reacting from the heat (my body interpreted it as pain, even though it clearly did not injure me at all). I haven’t gotten it hot enough to burn myself, and the time I take in between hits usually is enough for the heat to dissipate.

Vapor Quality: 7/10

It can be a bit rough. It’s mainly the heat. The actual vapor is pretty smooth, and not too dry. The heat from the short vapor path might be rough for people that aren’t used to higher temp vaping. If you like putting a battery powered device up to 220*C and ripping it, like I do, you won’t have a single issue.

Cost: 9/10

Currently $105. Wow. Not bad. Definitely a great price for the unit, and definitely pocket change in comparison to vapes like the pax 3 or IQ. It came packaged extremely nicely, with a fantastic wax stamp on the outside. It was a very beautiful way to send the unit. As for accessories, it came with a packing tool that also had a stir tool and mini spoon. The spoon and stir tool are amazing for the noochie. I usually use 1 lightly filled scoop for my herb, and the stirring tool is phenomenal. I actually attached the tool to my house key, so I don’t lose it.

Final thoughts:

This is another vape that I use alongside other vapes. For instance, I’ve used it with a Davinci IQ in the past, as the intake fits the 10mm mouthpiece damn near perfectly. I’ve used the grasshopper with it, and it worked pretty well. It definitely wasn’t nearly as good as using a water piece though.