Magic Flight Launch Box


The MFLB is a small on demand conduction vaporizer from magic flight. It uses rechargeable AA batteries that have had the coverings stripped from them. The ones from the factory are called ‘glyph’ batteries. It fits in the palm of your hand, and can be used with or without the glass mouthpiece. It is available¬†here from puffitup.

Ease of use – 5/10 prior to learning, 10/10 after learning

This vaporizer is not one that you will just plug and play. You need to devote a couple of sessions to figuring out how it works best for you. To start, head over to /r/mflb and /r/mflbguide. If you ever have any questions /r/mflbwill be happy to help you, as well as magic flight’s customer support! You might get frustrated with learning, but keep trying. It is well worth it. I personally find it much easier to use native (without the stem) and can control the temperature through my breathing, and shake it mid hit in order to stir the trench.

Efficiency – 10/10

After you learn how to properly use the vaporizer, there is no going back. It is perfect for anywhere from .05-.15g in the trench. One .1g trench will usually last me 2 nights before bed, helping me sleep at night. One thing you will need to do is grind extremely fine. Without my MF finishing grinder, I was upset about the efficiency after hearing people rave about it before me getting the vape.

Taste – 9/10

Its pretty amazing. Keep it clean, and the taste will surprise you with every new strain you put through it. Hereis a quick video showing the cleaning basics, there are also others on youtube that go more in depth and will teach you how to extract oil from the LB (launch box).

Stealth Factor – 9/10

If you have small hands, you will have a harder time concealing it. This is the least smelly out of all of my vaporizers, and the tin they send it in is very good at masking smell. As long as you take it, puff it, and put it back outside without blowing the ‘smoke’ towards yourself you will likely just have to wash your hands and brush your teeth afterwards.

Looks – 6/10 (10/10 custom without the battery in mind)

To me the battery sticking out the side isn’t very appealing. They do have custom artisan boxes that look beautiful though! If I don’t think about the battery, the LB is a great size and the wood they use looks superb.

Function – 9/10

It is really easy to charge a battery and put it in a hole. Almost foolproof. Once you learn it, you can hit it without looking at the device or the light inside of the trench. Amazing technology, and it makes it so easy to use.

Vapor Quality – 8/10

I like harsher hits, I find it hard to get them without stacking my hits. You can read more about that here. The vapor is very potent and I believe that is due to the amazing efficiency of the device.

Cost – 9/10

You might look at me as crazy for saying $120 is a good price, but you can get it from retailers for ~$80 or get a boatload of accessories with it for $120. You are paying for a fantastic lifetime warranty, and great customer service. If you damage the LB in a normal setting, or trying to make it look better they will send you a new one. They do make you destroy the old one, and provide proof of destruction before sending out your new vaporizer.

Final thoughts:

This is the perfect microdosing vaporizer for someone that has time to learn, and would like a low priced vape with an amazing warranty.

Necessary accessory:

MF finishing grinder

Some great accessories would be: