Interplanetary Development Super Weapon II


The Super Weapon 2 is the newest grinder from Interplanetary Development. It features some removed teeth, which allow you to easily place your herb in the grinder without needing to crush it with the lid. This allows you to use medium sized nugs (around .75 to 1g per nug) without needing to break it up. The Super Weapon series of grinders were named after the pick ups from the video game “Warhawk”, which the owner referred to as a group of ‘super weapons’! As always my reviews are based on the cost of the unit!

Ease of Use: 8.5/10

It is very easy to use. Just make sure you don’t use the unit’s own momentum to shut the different chambers. Instead, hand turn it until it stops turning. Don’t hand turn it too tightly either. If you happen to tighten it too much, take a mousepad and use the bottom of it to improve your grip on the device.

The single turn bud chamber is a fantastic part of the device. It allows your to quickly and easily access your bud. Make sure you tell your friends about that feature if they are opening it. Otherwise, they might be expecting it to take many more turns and dump all of your precious cargo. As much as I love the single turn bud chamber, the kief catch is properly designed, with more threads on it. This requires more turns but means you won’t end up like Tinkerbell, always leaving her fairy dust behind. It is ridiculously easy to get your kief out of the bottom chamber, and the my kief has little plant matter in it.

Another great feature is the angled sidewall you can see in the second image. It makes all of the bud collect above the screen, and really easy to pick out of the device. I tend to use my Jyarz and scoop it right out for storage.

The screen is removable and easy to clean. They sell replacements here just in case you damage it!

Looks – 9/10

The logo is subtle, and nice looking. It doesn’t throw itself in your face. It is a constant color, a nice size, and the machine marks are very subtle. It fits nicely in your hand, and isn’t too large or too small. There is a nice grip on the kief catch, and on the turning top. The removal of the teeth is flush, smooth, and well done. I love the color I have, it looks great outdoors with any type of wheat background.

Function – 8/10

There is very little difference in grind consistency between stuffing it in the teeth, or placing it in the open part of the loading chamber. This means, you will get the same medium coarse grind out of it. I find this to be one of the best grind consistencies if you use multiple devices. It works well for conduction, or convection based devices.

The game changer is that lack of teeth. It allows you to place small nugs on top, and without needing to break it up with your hand, start grinding. I have done up to 1g nugs, but that was with a dense indica. I love this feature, I feel like it doesn’t disturb the kief as much and helps lead to more collection. The initial torque is going to be more (you’re putting more mass on a single row of teeth than usual) but as soon as you break that barrier it is smooth sailing from there.

I first thought that the kief coin was a bad idea. I was wrong though. Unlike actual coins, the included one is fairly light. It knocks kief off your bud, and into the catch, but doesn’t crush your ground herb.

The included kief pick is perfectly shaped. It easily allowed me to remove the kief from the chamber and add it to my collection. I didn’t spill any, it traveled smoothly across the surface, and matched perfectly with the raised sidewalls.

Cost – 9.5/10

The new price is very solid. With their new price drop, they have refunded the price difference with every customer that previously purchased a SWII from their website. That means if you purchased for $75, they refunded you $25 etc. If you didn’t receive the refund, I would use their contact page!

The old price was a little hefty, even with 20% off. The new price brings a whole new level to affordability as far as grinders go. This grinder is the best I have used for kief collection. I plan on trying many many more in the future!

SWII vs Santa Cruz Shredder

Category SWII SCS
Ease of use Winner! Opening quickly, turning smoothly, and functioning properly the SWII swoops in for the kill The SCS is a little slower to use overall. You need to break your bud up before putting it in the grinder, you can’t clean it as easily etc.
Amount of Torque needed Tie! Higher initial torque if you use the side without teeth. Tie! Higher initial torque if you pack it too tightly.
Screen Winner! Has a removable screen, produces plenty of kief, and allows for simple cleaning methods. Lacks a removable screen, lets too much plant matter through the screen to the collection chamber.
Density A little less dense, this means it feels lighter per cubic centimeter of material. Not a big downside, it is still a strong device. Winner! It feels heavier in your hand, I think a bulk of the weight comes from the lid. It feels like it is a much different material overall thant he SWII.
Thread Smoothness With the threads locking up from me abusing the grinder, and needing to hand tighten, I can’t say the SWII is smoother. It is just as smooth as the SCS during use, but has those small speedbumps. Winner! I can spin the SCS shut without any difficulty, and it doesn’t lock up if momentum shuts it.
Speed of opening Winner! Clearly the winner with the single turn opening system. The SCS has many more threads, and doesn’t feature a single turn opening.
Collection chamber Winner! This is no contest. The SWII has a fantastic sloped sidewall, which makes it really easy to grab the herb from the chamber. Straight sidewall makes it a pain in the ass to use the grinder. Can’t stand removing herb out of it, takes me forever. I usually dump it onto a sheet of paper instead.
Price Winner! SWII Has a lower price with the code ‘reddit20’ SCS has a higher price
Grind Consistency Medium Coarse Coarse

Final thoughts:

With the recent price change (prices slashed to $50!) the SWII is a cost effective grinder, with a fantastic warranty. I crashed while skating, and landed on my back with this grinder in my backpack. It only received a small dent on the kief catch, even though I landed directly on the unit. Hurt my back, but survived well. If you’re torn between the SCS and SWII I would base your needs off of the grind consistency. If you only use convection based vapes, and like loose packs, I would grab the SCS. If you use conduction and convection vapes, I would grab the SWII, If you only use conduction vapes I would grab the MF finishing grinder on top of one of the other 2 units.

You can use the code ‘REDDIT20’ to take 20% off.

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