The Hipvap is a flask shaped conduction vaporizer in the sub $100 range. Coming in at $79 it is definitely an affordable device. The bowl size is large, probably .5g, and it has an interesting way of loading the device. To load it, you slide the bottom piece away from the device by twisting it, then drop in your herb.

Ease of Use: 7/10

  • Load herb
  • Turn on device
  • Set temp
  • Set session length (VERY cool feature)
  • Sip on it, definitely don’t rip.

It doesn’t take long to get the hang of, but it doesn’t chuck clouds. It fits in it’s price range as an alternative to the xmax or the flowermate series.

Efficiency: 5/10

From my own testing, it isn’t very efficient. 1 bowl lasted me 6 sessions at the top temp (430F) before being dark brown, but I was only at a [5] or [6] after all 6 sessions for that night. Kind of a disappointment, but it was still a fun night.

Taste: 3.5/10

It’s pretty awful. Even with a newly packed oven. You definitely can taste the rubber from the mouthpiece, and even with cleaning and burnoffs I still taste it with every draw. It isn’t the worst taste in the world… but definitely not one I want when I vape. Not at all. I would liken it to having a brand new mouth guard sitting in your mouth.

Stealth Factor: 9/10

It’s small, palmable, and doesn’t have too much residual smell. You can see a side by side of it and the CFX and Odinhere. It fits in your pocket well, and I haven’t had an issue with it being up against my body and hitting the buttons accidentally.

Looks – 8/10

It looks pretty nice actually, one of the better features this device carries. It fits well in the hand, has some weight to it, looks similar to a flask (especially with no mouthpiece). The lines are smooth and simple, the light isn’t too bright, and I love the slight curve the device has.

Function – 9/10

It seems to have a similar air path to the Pax 2, which is a pain in the buns to clean. It has a hole going from the oven (at the base of the device) up to the mouthpiece. I cleaned it this morning and there was a decent amount of residue just from the last couple days of testing. I used the same method to clean it as I did the pax 2 when I owned it. It feels strong enough to stay together after a couple drops, I didn’t test this though.

Vapor Quality – 7/10

It’s not bad actually! If I sipped slow enough so the oven could keep up, I got a few clouds from the device. Not many, but they were smooth and it didn’t feel like I was vaping at 430F. I took off marks for the taste and potency, as I don’t think the vapor was as dense as vapor from other devices (cf/cfx/odin all have really strong dense vapor clouds).

Cost – 8/10

The $80 price tag fits pretty well for the device. I wish that the rubber smell and taste would go away, as it’s my biggest gripe. I can deal with the oven not keeping up with my sessions, but the taste really puts me off from grabbing it when I’m on the go.

Final thoughts:

I’m not going to go screaming to everyone that this is the best or worst device. It definitely is on the lower end of the spectrum, but works. The idea of vaping is to safely get away from smoking for most people, and I think this could do the job for those who rarely smoke. That being said, if they fixed the efficiency and replaced the oven with a stronger one I think they could have a much better device. My favorite feature, other than the shape, is the ability to change your session length. Very cool.