Ease of use – 10/10

Steps required to get baked:

  • Grind herb
  • Load herb
  • Put battery in
  • Turn on
  • Wait for blue lights
  • Inhale + Turn off

The button is very tactile, and while some people complain about that I love it. It makes me know I turned it on and able to use it without looking.

Efficiency – 10/10

I’ve loaded some extremely small doses, and it worked fantastic. I can always get more out of it than I plan to, and usually end up putting it aside for the next day in order to finish the bowl. I’ve had a ‘full’ pack last me 3 nights (.1g measured out). I haven’t packed it tighter than that yet, as I haven’t needed to. I’m very excited to put it through water with a full pack though.

Taste – 10/10 on setting 1 (6/10 on setting 4)

On setting one my taste buds were tingling and I noticed subtle hints that I haven’t had from my herb in anything but my MFLB. It is very good, and very smooth. On setting 4, it is too harsh to really taste much but it does not taste bad at all. I wish I could give an opinion on it through water, but I haven’t had the chance yet!

Stealth Factor – 9/10

It is pretty smelly after just sitting around. It smells less than the pax while off, but it still is noticeable. After cleaning, the smells fades. It looks like a pen, and in your pocket people will assume it is a pen. This is perfect for walking around with it, though during use it will look a little funny when you are inhaling deeply with a pen in your mouth. It is small, and very easily portable or hidden. A case for it would be VERY cheap and VERY useful. The light on it will confuse people who think it is a pen, I wouldn’t keep those visible.

Looks – 9/10

I love how mine looks. I have the stainless steel version, and it is very sleek. I took a mark off for the clip though, it doesn’t look very nice and is very flimsy.

Function – 6/10 (8/10 with the condom cap)

This is a bit of a downfall for the grasshopper. Without the condom cap (as I call it) I cannot hit it more than 2 times in a row. 2 times in a row for me is hitting it a second time right after you finish exhaling the first hit. I usually give myself a single breathe to allow sufficient oxygen into my lungs, and then off I go! This is due to the amount of heat the device gives off. If I don’t have the cap, I will hold the device in my hand to allow it to cool down in between hits.

The condom cap is pretty nice though. I hate the way it looks, and it can get gross pretty fast depending on your strain. Currently I have 2 different ones (no idea the names, I’m in a decrim state) and I only put one through the grasshopper because the other was staining the cap too quickly and I had to clean it too often. It does its job, and allows me to take 4-6 nice sized draws in a row without needing to let it cool down.

Vapor Quality 9/10

As I’ve said before, I love harsh vapor. While I don’t like the feeling of my lips burning, a nice throat hit and tongue hit is welcome. It feels like you are pulling from very a hot joint. I’d recommend changing the angle that you hit the GH during the hit, otherwise you might end up burning yourself. Don’t be afraid to absolutely rip it! Sipping doesn’t work as well for me, it seems that my sips don’t allow enough airflow.

Cost – 7/10 (4/10 if you’re getting scalped by ebay or entexchange)

In my opinion, it is worth the wait to preorder one and receive it in a year. Don’t go and spend an extra $100, as it puts this vape outside its reasonable price due to the limited battery life and extremely hot body. The TI version might be worth the extra $50, if it sufficiently cools the device in between hits. I’ll have to attempt getting my hands on one. (Can anyone convince me to preorder the eggplant color one?!)

Final thoughts:

If I lost this vape or it were stolen I would go and preorder it. It is my daily driver, and I would recommend it to anyone willing to wait for an amazing product. It is a perfect on demand vaporizer, and I have loved every single hit from it. There is a very small learning curve, and replacement batteries are cheap. I own 3 at the moment, and I’m considering buying 3 more.