Grasshopper Tips


  • I use a coarse grind from my santa cruz shredder. Any similar grinder works very well though.
  • For storing the herb I use a jyarz original. It makes it simple to store your herb, and you can easily pour out the herb into the hopper.
  • I prefer to fill the hopper 85% full, without tamping it down. Tap the side of the bowl to help the herb settle though!

                                                                 Through a Water Pipe

When you use it through glass, let it rest every 2 hits or so.

Roll it between your hands, especially if you don’t use the silicone cover with the hopper. You tend to be able to rip longer through a water piece, so the device heats up faster than with native use.

When you let it cool, do not blow into it. You can continue pulling from it, after shutting off the device, to help cool it down though!

It can whitewall most bongs under 1.5 feet that I’ve used, just have to be able to rip it.

The Grasshopper fits natively into a 14mm female

          SSV Whip Adapter

Sometimes the pen is mightier than the sword

  • With no water piece, you can use an ssv whip adapter to cool the vapor between you and the hopper. Very similar to using a steamroller.
  • Treat this method the same as with a water piece.
  • You will need the silicone mouthpiece for this

          Native Use

  • Natively, youre either going to need the silicone mouthpiece or learn to ‘cigar puff’ it in order to keep it cool and the vapor from burning you at higher temps.
  • I can use my hopper on setting 5 natively with the correct cigar puff technique.
  • You have to pull hard enough, but in quick small to medium length pulls so your mouth fills with vapor and then inhale and exhale in between turning the hopper off and on again.

          Basic Maintenance

  • Brush out the hopper between uses – this makes sure that the device functions without any issues
  • Use Isopropyl alcohol to clean the hopper. I usually soak the mouthpiece in it for about 15 seconds, and then scrub it out with a brush. For the unit itself, I hold the unit with the button facing upwards, and use a scrub brush dipped in iso to clean the inside.
  • Let the hopper pieces dry, keep the button pointed towards the sky
  • Do a burn off
  • Clean the threads with isopropyl as well!

For anyone reading this, I would recommend reading the grasshopper compendium as well!

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