Focus Vape Review


The Focus vape is a conduction vape with a replaceable 18650 battery. They have a new model out with full temperature control, called the focusvape pro. They also have a new vaporizer called the Focus Adventurer, which is a conduction vape with an inline water bubbler. You can grab the focusvape (as well as the other 2 vapes) on puffitup.

Ease of use – 8/10

Charge the battery, load the oven, give it a slight packing, and start her up! She’s quick to turn on, fucking easy as hell to change the temp you are vaping at, and vibrates when she’s ready (for your pleasure). I took off 2 marks because I fucked up the silicon part of the mouthpiece, and I can’t figure out how to put it back in correctly, so I put it in my own way. Slightly annoying, but actually resulted in less heat on the mouthpiece (go figure).

Efficiency – 7.5/10

Better than the FM mini pro, better than the pax 2 in my opinion. Gets me baked pretty quickly, without any issues. The oven cooks the cannabis really evenly which allows for an enjoyable experience!

Taste – 6/10

Sort of lacks here. At the beginning of the session, its on par with other ceramic ovens. Not a bad taste. Towards the end, its sadly on par with other ceramic ovens at high temp. Throws off my groove a bit.

Stealth Factor – 7/10

It’s a large stick with a battery inside of it. Kind of looks like a ecig starter pack for people just getting into it, except with a covered container for the juice (this is an herbal vape, just making a comparison based on the looks of the device).

Looks – 8/10

Not too shabby, I have the rubber one and I actually like the stitched look they gave it. It feels great in your hand, and doesn’t look stupid.

Function – 8/10

The vapor is surprisingly mild. It doesn’t hurt at all, isn’t too hot, even at high temps. This surprised me due to the location of the oven compared to the mouthpiece. It might have to do with the 3 adjustable intake holes right below the oven. I use mine with 1 open for a majority of the session, and then 2 open for the last temperature.

I don’t like the temperatures though. There is only a single temperature above 400 * F and I feel like its quite the jump between that and the second hottest temp. I wish they put one at 406 * or something similar.

Vapor Quality – 8/10

Not too harsh, pretty potent. I get solid rips out of it, and the first time I used it I was pleasantly surprised. Granted, it was at night and I was in a hot tub, but tons of fun! The glass piece does not interfere with the taste, and there is little residue built up so far.

Cost – 9/10

At just over $100 with shipping from puffitup, it is an affordable entry vape for those that want to get into vaporizers. It includes quite a few accessories, an external 18650 charger, extra mouthpiece (wish more companies did this), screens, cleaning brush, and charging cable.

Final thoughts:

I think this is the vape people should look into rather than the flowermate for an affordable session vape. I love how fast it heats up, and I really wish more companies had their vapes vibrate when heated. Its great being able to get baked, and see that your herb is ready in 30 seconds with haptic feedback! Feel free to ask any questions!