Flowermate Swift Pro


The Flowermate Swift Pro is a convection session based portable. It comes in black or green, and is manufactured by SMISS in China (same manufacturer as Boundless, in fact the CFV shares internals with the FM Swift Pro!) It fits approx .15g in the herb chamber, and is super simple to use. You can find it on puffitup

Ease of Use: 9/10

It’s pretty simple.

  • Remove mouthpiece
  • Use chamber tool to unscrew the holder
  • Put in chamber wall of your choice
  • Screw on chamber holder
  • Fill with herb
  • Put mouthpiece on
  • Turn on the device, wait for it to heat up to desired temperature
  • Rip it

I find that a stir mid session is best, or you have to do 2ish sessions to completely vaporize your cannabanoids.

Efficiency: 7.5/10

It is not the most efficient device I have used. That being said, one bowl is pretty good for around 2-3 people. I usually use a step up of 150 – 170 – 200 – 230 C and it completely vaporizes the cannabanoids. I find it difficult to get the dark dark AVB out of the device, and that is why I removed a couple points.

Due to the lack of dark AVB, I think that is a reason I feel the high is completely different on this device. It is a lighter, more manageable high. Definitely great for those medicating, or those who need to function throughout the day! In comparison, the CFX results in a more ‘in the couch’ high that will keep me still for quite a while.

Taste: 8/10

At low temps, the device shines with taste. At high temps, it is 2-3 pulls of great taste. After that, it is a somewhat normal taste of AVB, even if the bud is still green. I’d assume this is due to the terpenes being vaporized on the first couple pulls.

I don’t notice much of a difference between the different wooden rings as far as taste goes. I do enjoy the wooden ones more than the glass of the flowermate swift pro, or the quartz of the CFV.

Stealth Factor: 8.5/10

The black color I have is very stealthy, and I love the matte finish. It doesn’t make odd noises as you inhale, it fits in the palm of my hand, and is easily pocketable. The device doesn’t hold much residual smell either, which is perfect. I don’t like it when a device holds residual smell, mainly because that results in needing a smell proof storage device (I like the pelican 10xx series for my devices).

Changing herb in public is super easy, and I usually do not need a stir tool to knock the AVB out. I would estimate changing herb to take less than 15 seconds in most occasions.

Looks – 8/10

The FMSP looks a little plain. The curves are nice though, the logo is the perfect size, and the color they chose is great for walking around in public with. The screen is a little dull, and the device picks up dirt easily. That being said, it also cleans up very easily and dirt can just be brushed off.

Function – 5.5/10

The battery life is what resulted in the low marks here. If they had made them swappable, then there likely would only be a point missing for the lack of vibration. The device is sturdy, fits well in the hand, functions well other than battery life. The vapor can be somewhat dry, but that will be solved with the new bubbler mouthpiece they are planning to release in December.

The FMSP has a slightly less durable construction, I feel like that is due to the bent plastic they used, whereas the CFV has a slightly different structure to it. This resulted in a .5 point loss.

Vapor Quality – 9/10

It’s potent, thick, and smooth. It feels nice on your throat, and my usual pulls result in a large cloud. I prefer to do a long 15 second pull and then slowly exhale the vapor. It is easy to control how baked you get, just take a couple rips and wait for 10 minutes and reevaluate how you feel.

Cost – 6/10 (8/10 with sales/coupon)

The MSRP cost is a bit high. The Green Friday sales make the cost much better. After black friday, using the code ‘puffedup’ will take 15% off as well, allowing for the device to be available at a lower cost.

The Swift pro will be 35% off for black friday, which is a fantastic deal.

Final thoughts:

I would choose the CFV over the FM Swift Pro. Mainly due to the construction, brighter screen, less airflow when I cover the intake (meaning less air being pulled in through the mouthpiece). I feel the shape Boundless chose gives it a rigidity that the FM does not have. The FM feels a little squishy in comparison.

The CFV or FM would be a great choice for those looking to medicate on the go, and the pass through charging allows you to use the unit while charging it. Perfect for when you’re home, but out of battery.

That being said, the FM is at a better price point during these sales. Definitely worth looking into!