Flowermate Mini Pro


The Flowermate Mini Pro is a small conduction vape that holds approximately .3g of herbs. It has a removable mouthpiece that can be stored in the bottom section of the vaporizer. It looks like a portable battery pack, and fits in the palm of your hand very nicely. It can be found on puffitup. Make sure you scroll down for the discount code they offer with FM products!

Ease of use – 7/10

The FM mini pro is easy to turn on (hitting the button 3 times in rapid succession), then you choose a temperature (pain in the ass) and then hold the on button to start the heating process. I really cannot stand the way they have you change the temp first and then heat up. I wish I bought the 4 or 5 temp version rather than the pro version.The device is really simple to store and use though, and packing the oven is a very easy task. Especially with the included tamping tool!The Flowermate mini pro is not a vape I would give to an elderly person, I have a feeling it would be a pain with arthritis in the thumb or wrist due to the amount of times you need to press the buttons to get it to function.

The 5 minute shutoff is a pain to me, but easily reversible by holding the on button to reheat the oven. I wish it was slightly longer, say 10 minutes like my arizer air.

The draw is very nice, especially with the cover on the bottom that you can use to change airflow. It took me a long time to learn to ‘sip’ on it like a hot tea rather than try to rip it.

Efficiency – 7/10

Its a good starting vape, and will conserve your herb more than combustion. It will also start VAS (vape acquisition syndrome – I started with the Flowermate mini pro and quickly grew my collection to over 20 weed vapes!). My normal color was a light brown, almost dark mustard color, after a full session. It is definitely more of a personal session vape though, as will 2+ people you will likely end up packing the vape more often than you think you will need to. Don’t forget to cover the tip of the mouthpiece in between draws!

Taste – 8/10

I felt like the flowermate mini pro excelled here. The taste is better than a Pax 2, but lesser than an arizer air. Somewhere in the middle.

Stealth Factor – 8/10

Without the mouthpiece, I would say 9/10. It looks like a battery brick for a mobile phone, and even has the USB output to charge one. It doesn’t smell much, especially if you use the pods or clean it often. With the mouthpiece, it looks dirty after a while (oil buildup — great for harvesting though!) and REEKS.

Looks – 10/10

The look is pretty seamless, I love the blueberry blue color mine is. It’s finish is nice an smooth, and seems robust. I haven’t had any damage on mine yet.

Function – 5/10

Taking a huge hit for the amount of times I have burned myself on it. Attached to the mouthpiece is a metal bit you screw onto the oven. This heats up, thanks conduction and a poor choice in engineering, to whatever temp you set the vaporizer at. It sucks, and hurts a lot.

The battery lasts long enough, and charges pretty quickly. It is definitely not an ‘all day’ device though.

Vapor Quality – 6/10

I like harsh vapor. I like to feel the hit, and get a nice cloud. It feels better to me, and I like a visual output. The FM Mini pro couldn’t do that for me, I do love the taste though. It is really smooth vapor, and doesn’t hit too hard.

Cost – 8/10

In my opinion, it is priced right where its performance is. It is definitely an entry level vape, but performs well and is satisfying to use.

Final thoughts:

I would recommend this to anyone looking to medicate with cannabis, or try vaporizing for the first time. Smoking isn’t for everyone, and it definitely helped me transition from smoking to vaporizing! It was my first personal device, and I enjoyed it while I owned it.