Firefly 2



The firefly 2 is a convection on demand vaporizer. It comes in at $329 shipped to your door. If you’d rather buy from a retailer than the manufacturer you can purchase it here from puffitup in the United States. They have extremely fast and discreet shipping. I highly recommend them. Firefly decided to have the vape only have 2 buttons, both for activating the heating system. Instead of adjusting the temps fromt the device, you can connect to your firefly through their app on your smartphone. Recently they added power tuning, which made a big difference. You can adjust the power to the heater +/- 11%. It’s a small compact device, with a hefty price tag.

Ease of Use: 6/10

There is a strong learning curve. The application is easy to use, very simple and has a nice layout. Especially since they updated it. Currently, this is how I use the Firefly 2;

  • Fill the bowl with shredded herb, a coarse grind is what I use
  • Pat the top of the herb down to the height of the oven, place the top panel on the device
  • Move the top panel side to side to check if it is connected correctly
  • Prime the device by heating it up until the green light is on, and then doing 2-3 cigar puffs
  • Release the touch sensors for 1-2 seconds
  • Reheat the device, when the light is green inhale super slowly
  • Maintain a constant pull until the device stops heating (10+ seconds)
  • Clear the device for 3-5 seconds
  • Enjoy the taste of a nice little cloud

Efficiency: 8/10

I like to keep the bowl fully packed, it seems to be more efficient. Even putting the vape down and coming back to it, I get better hits if I do a full bowl (for 2-3 sessions) instead of repacking a small amounts for each session. Much more enjoyable. The only issue is I haven’t been able to cook the herb as much as I can with other devices (stickybrick, grasshopper x2 etc).

Taste: 9/10

The taste rivals my stickybrick. The brick definitely wins after using them side by side, but the FF2 is a close second. The taste is slightly better than either of my grasshoppers, especially at low temps.

Stealth Factor: 8.5/10

It is pretty easy to use without being noticed. You can stick it in your hand like this and heat it up without anyone noticing. Once heated, it’s easy to just put the device to your lips and enjoy. It looks a little weird and you might get some stares if you do it in a really public place where everyone is standing still (bus station etc) but if you are moving around I doubt anyone will give it a second thought. Another nice part of the device is it is really easy to ghost hit. The hits are cool and easy to hold in so that when you exhale there is little to no vapor. The device also doesn’t smell. I haven’t used it in 5 days so that I could test this. I left a bowl of unvaped material in it for 2 days prior, and then vaped it thoroughly and left it for 5 days. No residual odor, and I couldn’t tell the device was even packed by smell alone.

Looks – 9/10

I really like the looks, the metal is sleek and the colors they chose are great. I opted for the red color, and eventually would love to grab a white cover for more formal events. It flows nicely and I really love the orange glow while you use the device.

Function – 8/10

It’s sturdy, feels great in the hand, and very sleek. The top cover doesn’t always snap into the perfect position, which is annoying. I’d worry about dropping it (I have not yet and I’m extremely careful when I use it). The device needs to be cleaned very often if you have sticky material. Even with dried out material I need to clean the top cover after 4-5 bowls so that the herb doesn’t stick to it. If you inhale too hard you will suck your herb out of the bowl and right into the mouthpiece, it’s not fun and waste herb.

Vapor Quality – 9.5/10

It isn’t perfect. It is extremely cool and easy to inhale, but it can lack that punch I look for. The first hits are fantastic, the last hits are kind of lacking as I’m looking for higher temps than this device seems to give me. I haven’t tried using the concentrate setting with herbs because I don’t want to risk combustion and have to clean that out of the device.

Cost – 7/10

In my opinion the device is fantastic, but the price is not. I would be more comfortable recommending it to people if it were around $280 with sales around $250 from time to time.

Final thoughts:

It’s a fun device, and has replaced my grasshopper as my carry device due to the coolness of the vapor. The grasshopper is currently being used with a small water piece I purchased on /r/entexchange last week. I’ll have a review out for that within the next month, I still want to do some testing with it. The FF2 is a great on demand device, and I would say it fits a niche with the pax 2. The pax 2 being a session ‘apple-esque’ vaporizer and the FF2 being an on demand ‘apple-esque’ vaporizer.