Davinci IQ Tips


I don’t like how much material is needed to pack the IQ. As you can see in the image above a full bowl is anywhere from 0.3g to 0.5g of material. The half pack mod in the image is for scale. That’s a lot of herb to be going through in a single sitting for someone that has on demand devices that can use as little as 0.03g at a time! To fix this, I decided to find a fix or create one of my own!

The first thing to pop into my head was the Topbond Odin half pack mod. At $5 it was a no brainer to test. Even better that I had one sitting around from using it with the Odin and Torch after it was released. It’s a cheap, simple, worthwhile addition to a Davinci IQ.

To use the mod, loosely fill half of the chamber. Then put the odin mod on top, with the open back facing towards though. This open back fits perfectly against the pearl and tamps the material down.

Turn your IQ on, and let it preheat. Enjoy the vapor, and then after 10 minutes let the IQ cool off. Once it has cooled for 5 minutes, they odin half pack mod should come out easily by using the built in pick tool the IQ comes with.

On the top, of the images below, s 0.15g of material at 221*C for 10 minutes. The bottom image is of the AVB with 0.12g of material going from 150*C to 221*C with 221*C being at 6 minutes in and lasting for 4 minutes with the half pack mod for scale.


As always, the non affiliate links are: Odin Mod & IQ & Puffitup