Boundless CFX vs Storz&Bickel Mighty

CFX Mighty
CFX $152 Mighty $339
Category Winner Reason
Size CFX It is slightly smaller, and fits better in the hand.
Weight Tie They weigh about the same
Durability CFX The fins on the Mighty seem easily broken.
Materials Mighty The plastic the use is phenomenal. I think it might be PEEK? It definitely helps with the taste.
Screen CFX More informative, brighter.
Buttons Mighty They feel nicer on your fingers, are tactile yet easy to press, and they don’t freeze up in the cold weather.
Session Time CFX 5 min sessions, then change the temp and do another 5 min sesh. Works well, and extracts cannabanoids nicely. I usually end up pressing the orange button on the Mighty 2-3 times per temp.
Heat Up Time CFX 30ish seconds to the hottest temp. The Mighty is just shy of 2 minutes.
Vapor Temp Mighty The cooling mouthpiece definitely works some magic here. Even at 210C the vapor is extremely smooth.
Vapor Dryness Tie I would say Mighty, due to the CFX being more dry at the highest temp. But, the highest temp for the CFX is greater than the highest temp for the Mighty. At 210C they both dry my throat out the same amount.
Vapor Harshness Mighty It isn’t harsh at all. I’ve done back to back to back bowls at 210C and I can’t seem to get it to be harsh. Dry, sure, but not harsh.
Flavor at 150C Mighty The CFX really doesn’t produce much vapor at this temp, and the great taste only lasts for a couple hits. The Mighty is flavorful for longer at 150C
Flavor at 180C Mighty Again, the Mighty is more flavorful for a longer period of time. The CFX taste starts to drop off around 175C from my experience. The Mighty tends to keep the great taste until around 185 or 188C.
Flavor at 210C Tie The both have similar flavor profiles at 210C. Some would describe it as burnt popcorn, but to me it is more of an earthy overtone.
Easiest to Load Mighty Comes with a filling chamber, that actually works quite well!
Easiest to Empty Mighty The chamber is shorter, which means I can use my finger instead of a toothpick or a tool.
0.05g Performance Mighty With the concentrate pad, it makes great use of 0.05g.
0.1g Performance CFX I can’t really fit the pad on top of the herb in the Mighty with 0.1g of material, and with no pad on top it takes a long time to vaporize the material.
0.3g Performance Mighty Tasty. Clouds.
> 0.3g Performance CFX I can’t fit more than .3g in my Mighty without finely grinding the material. The CFX can fit up to 1 gram!
Maintenance CFX It’s easier to clean the mouthpiece, not as many nooks and crannies.
Included Accessories Mighty Comes with a loading tool, the boundless loading tool is better for my use but is not included with the CFX (or was not with mine). It is however included with the CFV. The loading tool is the biggest difference in accessories.
Not included accessories CFX They tend to be cheaper, more accessible, and work very well with the vape. You can also upgrade the chamber with ELB or Arizer EQ screens.

I like the Mighty a lot more than the CFX. Is it worth the extra cost? That’s up to you to decide.

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