Boundless CF


I think we all know what the Boundless CF is. You can find it on puffitup here. It is an affordable session vape with a couple useful mods. They do have a local rep /u/eric_boundlessvapes . He always responds quickly, and has helped quite a few people who have had issues posted on reddit. As always, the review numbers are based off of its price range, and work as a comparison for other vaporizers I have tried in its price range.

Ease of use – 9/10

  • Load the bowl with herb of choice
  • Turn it on by clicking the power button 5 times
  • set the temp by using the power button (depends on which iteration you have)
  • Wait for the lights to stop flashing and enjoy!

Efficiency – 7

You can use it fully packed, or with barely any herb in it. I find myself doing 2 small bowls out of it, and getting as high as I do with 1 bowl from my hopper TI. The herb is always evenly cooked, even with a ton of bud loaded up, and it is extremely easy to get baked. If I vape at the 3rd setting, I don’t get much vapor unless I jump to the 5th setting. Most of the time I go straight to 5 though 😉

Taste – 8/10

The taste is really good at the lower 3 temps. Above that, and it tastes similar to a standard conduction vaporizer.

Stealth Factor – 7/10

Slightly less stealthy than the Odin. It doesn’y look like a box mod, and I think would be weird to hit it in public. You also can’t put it away right after use. It takes a lot of time to have the box cool down, which is slightly annoying. It could be used as a hand warmer in the winter in my opinion. The newer iteration has a stealth mode, shutting off the lights, which seems pretty nifty. It doesn’t smell when not in use, and since my first vape was the pax 2, that’s a very very good thing.

Looks – 8/10

It took time for me to warm up to the look of the CF. I think Boundless did a really good design, and after owning it for a couple weeks it is really nice in the hand. It is easy to hold, never gets too hot to hold, and is a conversation starter. I love how the mouthpiece lays flat when not in use, and it is fairly easy to disassemble for cleaning.

Function – 7.5/10

I haven’t dropped this vape yet. I’m not looking forward to the eventually time when it hits the ground, I’m not sure if it could withstand that. It is an extremely light plastic (in comparison to the Odin) and I’d be worried it would crack. I don’t like the button very much, it moves around a bit and is too tall. I like the shorter buttons you see on other vapes. It does have great feedback though, and you definitely know when you click it. It heats up extremely quickly, even to the hottest temps. It does take 1-2 ‘primer’ draws as I call them before you start pushin clouds. The fast heat up time definitely outweighs those cons from my point of view. It takes about 4 hours to recharge from my own experience, a painfully long process.

Vapor Quality – 8/10

The vapor is hot in the mouth, but feels good in the lungs. Comparatively, I would say that the odin is cool in the mouth and you feel it more in the lungs. The mouthpiece can warm up quite a lot while you are ripping it. If you sip from it, that doesn’t seem to happen.

The draw resistance is super high. My friends pointed that out right away, so I wasn’t the only one to figure that out. It is still very very easy to get a huge cloud, and the vape definitely can couch lock me.

Cost – 9.5/10

For the price range it is in, it performs amazingly. Hopefully Boundless can deliver with the CFV. I love the red color I saw the other day in an image. Very nice looking device.

Final thoughts:

I like it, hopefully Boundless can deliver with the CFV. They do need to work on getting the CF hybrid out there, as it has been released for a while and I hear it has better airflow than the CF or CFX. If you want to be able to skip the extremely long charger time, go with the CFX for the 30-40 minute quick charge DC charger.

I’d recommend the Arizer bucket screen mod, as well as looking into the ELB mod.The ELB mod allows you to quickly swap material, and adds some extra convection to the mix.