Arizer Air


The Arizer Air is a portable session vape that is a mix of convection and conduction. You can purchase it here from puffitup. It uses glass stems for the bowl and You can cap the stems and carry them around preloaded. It comes with 2 stems, an aromatherapy dish, a carrying case, and some little accessories. It runs on an 18650 battery.

Ease of Use: 7/10

  • Load a stem
  • Turn on the device
  • Wait for it to finish heating up
  • Put stem in device
  • Wait for the oven to heat up again if needed
  • Sip, don’t rip.
  • Remove stem upside down
  • Turn off unit

I took off points due to it taking a long time to heat up, and sometimes you do have to wait for it to heat up again if you put the stem in after it heats up initially like I do. The all glass mouthpiece can also get pretty hot, which can be annoying. The plastic tip one works very well though and doubles as a WPA for a 14mm device.

Efficiency: 8/10

I use it with about .2g of material every time I turn it on. The material cooks pretty evenly, but is slightly darker around the edges. I try to keep as much convection as possible by removing the stem if I’m going to set the device down for a couple minutes. If I am constantly using it, I leave the stem in though. I usually have to pack 2 bowls to get me to where I want to be, which isn’t too much of an issue. Compared to a log vape, where I only have to pack 2 bowls of .01-.02g that’s a little upsetting.

Taste: 7/10

It is better than a conduction vape, but doesn’t taste nearly as good as the convection vapes I own and love. If I let the stem sit too long you can really tell it has a bit of conduction as the glass will heat up causing your herb to taste more like a conduction vaporizer.

Stealth Factor: 6/10

You can’t really be that stealthy with it. It doesn’t look like a box mod, it looks like you’re sipping vapor from a straw. I’ve seen people put the air inside of a cup, and put the mouthpiece through the top hole of the cover. That’s a great idea, but I’d be worried about the heat the air produces causing the plastic to melt etc. Inside hiding it from others that are around you is pretty easy though. The device doesn’t get too hot to palm at any time, though it does get quite toasty near the top. It can also easily be throw gently in a drawer if needed. I don’t find it to be an overly smelly device and most of the time when I carry it on me with loaded stems the people around me don’t notice a smell unless they are focusing on finding it.

Looks – 7/10

It looks good, not the best though. The device reminds me of a robot part almost. I’m not really into that, maybe you are though. I tend to like simplistic or wooden designs.

Function – 9/10

It is easy to maintain, all I’ve done is a couple brush outs of the oven and then cleaning the stems, and feels like it would withstand a drop. It is one of the few products I have not dropped though, so I can’t be sure about that. I do know that if I dropped it while loaded the glass would prove difficult to clean up as it would probably break right where the stem meets the device. The little oven cover is a great addition to keep dust and other particles out of the device as it sits waiting for you to use it.

Vapor Quality – 7/10

It’s a bit lacking here. I like a big punch to the face sort of vapor, where it is cool enough to take a large hit but potent enough to get you pretty lifted fairly quickly. The air definitely is not that. It struggles to keep up with the way I vape, and has to reheat the oven in between every hit. If I modify my usage to fit the vape, I’m not overly impressed with the results. You have to go pretty slow and it is definitely a sipping machine… not a ripping machine.

Cost – 6/10 (8.5/10)

The initial cost/msrp is ridiculous at $260. The ‘sale’ prices are much better at around $170 if you use code AIR on puffitup or shop around a bit.

Final thoughts:

It’s definitely a good device. It isn’t pretty, it has specific uses, and seems like it was made for specific people. The replaceable 18650 battery was a great idea, and hopefully that is continued with any future portables arizer releases. Just because I don’t like the vape much overall, doesn’t mean you won’t. The review is certainly tailored to my own preferences. It would fit really well in your rotation if you want a device to relax and sip on, that has a replaceable 18650 battery, all glass vapor path, and the ability to preload stems for on the go.