I’m a 21 year old cannabis connoisseur from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Currently a biology major, my interests are rollerblading, fishing, writing, music, food, and reviewing aromatherapy devices.

This started out as a small set of reviews I did on /r/vaporents and has expanded to what you see now. The site  will house reviews for portable and at home aromatherapy devices. It will also contain reviews of some of the products I enjoy using for my other interests. My plan is to incorporate outdoors/sports, food, music products, and various vaporizers into an interesting easy to read setting.

Some of the focuses of the site will include short blog posts related to using cannabis with many activities (fishing, photography, rollerblading, creating music, and completing school successfully) as well as reviews; of course.

Feel free to contact me via reddit or instagram with any questions!

Have a product for me to review? Email me here!

My current review format is given below.

Introduction -> I describe the history/type of the vaporizer, and where to purchase it (usually link the manufacturer site, and and retailer as well)


Ease of Use:/10 -> I give steps on how to properly use the device, and rate /10 how easy it is to use.


Efficiency: /10 -> I rate the efficiency /10 based on material needed, how well it vaporizes the herb, and how long it takes to get to a solid state of medication.


Taste: /10 -> I rate the taste of the device, whether it adds any taste or residual tones to the herb


Stealth Factor: /10 -> Takes into account lights, size, screens, residual smell


Looks – /10 -> Based on my own personal preference. Usually takes into account paint quality, material quality, features, and size.


Function – /10 -> How well the device stands up to my testing, if the device is easy to maintain, and if anything fails during use.


Vapor Quality – /10 -> Takes into account dryness, potency, if it is smooth, how hot or harsh the vapor is


Cost – /10 -> Based on the above ratings, does the device stand up to it’s cost? If so, why?


Final thoughts:

-> I give an idea of who the vaporizer would fit best, and some accessories I deem necessary for use.