A Year in Review

So far this year has been a memorable one for me. I started smoking cannabis weekly after my spring break. Switched to vaping it about 2 weeks in. Couldn’t stand always smelling like smoke. My first vape that I purchased was a Flowermate Mini Pro in blueberry blue. Slowly I started to upgrade my arsenal, and now I’m sitting on over 40 vaporizers I’ve either tried, beta tested, or currently own.

I do have some favorites, and least favorites. Lets see which vapes make the cut today.


Favorite Battery Powered:

Grasshopper – With a 45 watt heater the grasshopper packs a punch. It is one of my favorite vapes through water. I’ve used as little as .02g of material in it without issue. The smaller packs aren’t nearly as harsh as the fat bowl packs either. Perfect for single use, microdosing, while on the go!

Butane Powered:

Vapman – I find that it only fits .05g comfortably in the vape. This is the perfect amount though. Grind fine, and you will probably be able to fit .1g. This vape hits harder than you’d expect, and is great for night time doses. A bowl through the vapman, and I’m ready to pass out until the new year.

At Home:

SSV (or DBV) – The SSV is a great unit. Built tough, made in America, and it hits hard. At lower temps it is full of flavor, and at higher temps it kicks my ass. One of the best body highs I’ve had. Very easy to attach to a water pipe as well, making it a great party piece!

Log vapes – These are some of the best single user vapes I have ever used. They excel in efficiency, are beautiful works of art, simple to setup, and extremely versatile. I know of a few companies that are making them, Underdog, Epic Vape (enano), Heat Island, Ed’s TNT etc. I’m sure there are more, feel free to leave me links in the comments so I can check them out!

Battery Powered Portable:

Best value:

Boundless CF – This is one of my favorite vapes I’ve used. I love the CFX, and it’s my daily driver due to the DC charging, but the CF is a fantastic vape with a lot of power built into a very small frame. With an easy ELB screen mod, the vape is perfect for those people that are always on the go. It has a small frame, features stealth mode, is easy to use, and extremely versatile.


Mighty – The true vapor king. I finally understand what people mean. It hits hard, but the vapor is similar to that out of the SSV. Extremely cool, not very dry, and tasty. The cooling chamber mouthpiece is a fantastic design, and helps more than I thought it would. On top of that, it has good battery life and charges extremely quickly. It is bulky, and heat up times are slow.

Bong Beauty:

Topbond Torch – This is the vape that started my Milkshot Mondays. It fits perfectly on top of a piece, is easy to balance, and hits very hard. I usually pack it tightly with around .3g of material. With a very slow draw, and around 15 seconds in between draws, it produces some of the largest hits that I’ve put my 14 inch straight tube ‘bonge’ through this year. I can’t wait for what Topbond has ready for the new year.

Budget Friendly:

Xmax v2 pro – Coming in at $60, having a WPA available, an optional glass mouthpiece you can pick up, and removable 18650 batteries, the xmax is a great starting choice. The warranty is short, and the vapor is slightly harsh, but it gives you an idea of how vaporization works with little investment.

Vapcap – One of my favorite portables. You can easily carry it around in the doob tube, and heat it up quickly for a hit here n there. Just make sure you don’t burn yourself on that metal tip after you heat it up!! The glass ones are fragile. I personally own a Woody Ti, which is very robust.

Absolute Favorite Vape

Stickybrick JR – I’m a fan of wooden products. They’re natural, beautiful, and robust. This is no exception. The flavor it brings is off the charts, the portability is fantastic, it has protection for the glass parts, and it is handmade in the US. I like to call it functional art. It has some of the largest rips I have ever taken from a vape. Its desktop cousin – the hydrobrick – has the largest single rips I have taken. You can’t go wrong with any of their products, the taste, vapor quality, and ease of use are amazing.

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