We are so small

Have you ever sat under the stars at night? They are billions of miles away, yet they are probably one of the most insignificant things in the world to you. Most people don’t give them a thought, but they’re there. Night after night.

I propose that tonight when you get stoney bologna that you go and sit under the stars. You’ll be amazed. It makes you feel so small (which you are!) Even better, take a trip into the woods.. Find a clearing… And set up a chair or two. Watch the stars from within the woods. I bet it will be one of the best views you’ve had in ages. 

New Camera

Purchased a new camera today! Hopefully I can increase my skill cap for taking product photos. Expect quite a few if I get the time to test the new equipment! I purchased the Sony a6000 today as an open box, and purchased a light box as well! I have a couple ideas for this week, you’ll see them soon.

As a side note, I also have a sweet purchase coming from hopper labs this week!

Happy New Year! 

Fun times ahead.  Currently sitting in a dentist office though 😷 can’t wait to get out of here. Might be getting a dslr and working in my photographs this winter.  Let me know if you guys want any specific pictures! 
Have a wonderful day, keep vapin and make sure you stay hydrated.